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Landscape AISLE



          These LANDSCAPE sets are made up of a series of  six blank  5" x 7" note cards, with envelopes.


         Each set is available in several options:

         1. A  set of six assorted cards consisting of one each of the six cards shown; LS-Shelf-1 or  LS-Shelf-2,

         2. A selection of six (6) identical cards taken from either set LS-Shelf-1 or LS-Shelf-2, ; i.e, LS-8715-6,


         3. A single card selected from either set

 LS-Shelf-1 or LS-Shelf-2; i.e. LS-8715-1.


         The sets are priced at $24.95 per set,  shipping  included. Single cards are $4.95 each including shipping.


©Don R. Millbranth